wait ’till the pan is hot…

Happy Wednesday!

Did you feel anything coming off the heels of the Pisces Full Moon last Friday/weekend? 

Full Moons are times of illumination and insight- where do you want to go? What needs to be eliminated or invited into your life?

Often times, we finally see the clouds part and get some clarity around what we want, and then are in such a damn hurry to get there.

Case in point: The other day, I was making myself pancakes (I loooove Kodak cakes, but I digress…). 

And I remember having an ex tell me that I had to wait until the pan was actually hot before pouring the batter on the skillet.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve just been so darn eager to get that first pancake out there that I sometimes even forget to turn on the stove!

And it got me thinking- relationships are kind of like that.

When we rush to “get him/her to like us” “snag a date” or “get the proposal, etc” before the proverbial pan is hot, good and ready, it can leave you feeling like I was waiting for that perfect pancake to cook …ASAP.

Confused. (Did I turn it on? Is the stove even working?! Piece of crap.)

Annoyed. (My stomach is rumbling-maybe I should have just bought those really crappy pre-made microwavable ones. They are good enough…not really.)

Frustrated. (Maybe I’m not supposed to have pancakes…cue dramatic music as I pretend I actually prefer a grapefruit and toast…not.)

I just had to wait until the stove was hot.

And chill out while I waited.

Instead of worrying or obsessing about why it was taking so long, I could have listened to Lewis Howes “School of Greatness” podcast. 


Heck, maybe even snuck in a plank or two.

So..yea, that’s your message this week.

Q: Where in your life do you feel in a hurry? Will you do us both (and the Universe) a favor and experiment with waiting until the pan is hot before freaking out?

Want what you want.

Take inspired actions as shown.

And then chill the F–out, ok?

My stomach really is rumbling as I type this sentence, so I’ll sign off for now.

Have an amazing week!

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A big part of self care is loving yourself enough to stop going at it alone.

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