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Happy Wednesday!

Have you ever been dating someone and then, they go cold on communication out of nowhere?

This can be so confusing and hurtful.

Thoughts like, ‘Did I just screw up?’ 
What’s wrong with me?
Why don’t they want to be with me? can come up.

This question came in from our community and I wanted to answer it as December really is the perfect time to acknowledge old patterns and make a new choice that empowers you.

Q: I am in an ldr (long distance relationship) with a guy I started to date 2 months back. We had attraction as well as the emotional connection…but his behavior has changed tremendously in the last month. He doesn’t text or call anymore and if I do then he gives the excuse of “I’m busy.” Does giving space to a guy and not contacting him at all makes him realize that he need to rekindle the relationship? Have I ruined everything by contacting him, even though he ignores me?”

A: Watch my response below

Have you ever dealt with funky ghosting in an LDR? What advice would you give? Share your thoughts below! 

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