New Video: What is your subconscious telling you? “I don’t date short guys…”


Our predominant thoughts create our reality and especially when it comes to dating!

Watch the video below to learn:

  • How Diana feels about “not dating short guys” and other interesting things we tell ourselves
  • Hear a real-life dating example of the subconscious at work
  • A simple prompt you can ask yourself to find out what YOUR subconscious thoughts run your love life!


When it comes to dating I believe that…(come up with at least 3 things).


 Ask yourself, “Do I truly believe this?”


 “Does this thought/statement feel expansive in my body?”


 “Is this thought/statement actually helping me find love or not?”


 If not, you know you’ve got some Soul excavation to do! But awareness is the first step and you did it!




After you watch: What advice would you give to woman Diana spoke to? Do you agree/disagree? What subconscious thoughts have you found that sabotage or support you when going on a date? Share in the comments below!

ps: Are you coming to NYC for Diana’s event May 17th? Find out more here!


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