Want to turn heads? Master this…

You know those women at a party or networking event that people seem to just gravitate towards? They may not be conventionally beautiful but they have that well…THING that makes you and other people, especially men, want to be near them? I call it the Glow. These women are literally glowing and being in their presence can often activate all sorts of weird insecurities you may not care to admit to yourself like:

I hate my body. I wish my boobs/butt/thighs/etc were bigger/smaller/tighter, etc. 

What does she have that I don’t?

What’s wrong with me?

Comparing ourselves to another takes a lot of emotional energy and actually repels your future partner from you because your light isn’t on. So…how do you turn your Light on? How do you turn heads?

Here’s the golden nugget: You too can turn heads. One simple thing you can do is to step out of comparison land and consider this:

“Anything you can recognize in another, you already possess in yourself.” Tweet that!


So if you notice the Glow in someone,  ask yourself immediately, “What qualities does she/he have that I’m drawn to in this moment?” Maybe it’s her open heart. Maybe it’s her confidence. Maybe it’s even her ability to hold her boundaries with others.You have those qualities too. But it’s your responsibility to activate them and bring them out. When you do, the world is your oyster and your Light’s brightness is no longer dictated by your outer circumstances or environment. And that is damn attractive!



If it’s confidence you see in that woman, ask yourself, “Where do I need to be more confident in my life? What would help me step into that confidence? Start there and pick an action.”When you do that, you are literally turned on from the inside out and if you do this consistently, you will have men or women falling all over you! 

YOUR TURN: It definitely takes practice, but I’d love to hear from you: What’s your Glow factor?

Think about someone who you admire who has the Glow factor. It could be a friend, celebrity, co-worker, etc. Got them? Okay, now ask yourself, “What is one quality that I admire about them?” Write down the first thing that comes.Then, finish this statement: I now own my __________________ (fill in the quality you wrote down about them) with love and joy! State it outloud in the mirror and notice how you feel.


What is your fabulous Glow statement? Share with us in the comments if you feel guided! You’d be surprised just by stating it and sharing it how much energy you move!



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