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This week’s question comes from anonymous:


Q: Diana, I’m freaking out. Is it normal to be in love with someone after just one month of dating? I keep wanting to say ‘i love you’ but I don’t dare be the first one! I feel like he loves me back, but I wonder if I’m just being crazy? Help!

A: First off, it’s totally okay to feel whatever you are feeling! So, let go of judgement around what is ‘normal’ because honestly, everyone is different. Now, since you’ve been together with this guy for a month, consider that you are in the beginning stages of this relationship (first three months) when everything seems “extra rosy” and emotions can be heightened and highly influenced by the lovely hormone haze that is “oxytocin” (the pleasure hormone), making it hard to really see the relationship clearly. 


Having said that, the most important thing is to remember that you can’t control how he feels or responds, but you can choose your thoughts and the story you tell yourself in any given moment. 


You can choose to maintain a positive story around feeling “love” for this man without judging yourself and giving yourself permission to enjoy him and this high! Or can you choose to beat yourself up and question him and your feelings. Everything you need to know will be revealed in the right time, so my advice is to redirect your energy into enjoying yourself in this connection!

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