it’s time to let go

Happy Tuesday and Happy December!

How are you feeling?

Have you been feeling that deep knowing inside of you that things in your life are about to change for the better?

Like everything you thought you knew about yourself is up for re-negotiation and revision?

If so, you’re right on schedule.

December’s energies are all about:

  • purging the past (especially with long-standing family-related issues)
  • self-love and self-compassion
  • receiving gifts (tangible or not) in exchange for stepping into your Truth and being bold in what you allow in and what you say buh-bye to.

Ring a bell?

In short: it’s time to let go.

Let go of control.

Let go of the need to have other people’s approval.

Let go of the mean thoughts that are not loving to yourself.

Let go. Let go. Let go.

Quick story: For the past few days, I’ve been home with a stomach flu. I had to cancel appointments, be still and simply allow myself to heal.

The stomach is all about letting go of the past (I mean…hello!) and needless to say, lying in bed forced me to call upon all the tools I share with you guys.

Calling on the Angels to help me feel supported.

Giving myself Reiki every morning and night to soften my belly and my mind.

Journaling like my life depended on it so I could shift my focus from the pain to the pen.

And most importantly, letting myself see the Truth about what’s important to me and what it’s time to let go of.

One of the biggest things that is important to me is to teach and to help you feel re-connected to yourself and your Truth, especially in relationships.

So…I’m offering 3 opportunities for us to connect in the next 2 weeks. (scroll down!)

On the letting go side, I found that stuff just kept coming up that I didn’t expect. I got really emotional.

In fact, it was pouring out so much that I even made a “Letting Go List”.  

Some of the things that ended up on there include:

:: letting go of weird decorative objects I was keeping in my home because they were gifted to me but that aren’t my style

:: letting go of making elaborate excuses to avoid saying “No” to invitations I have no desire accepting. (a graceful No, thank you is sufficient!)

:: letting go of guilt around setting boundaries around my time and space (especially with family)

:: letting go of engaging in disempowering conversations or listening to gossip (there are better ways to “bond with me!”)

:: letting go of one-way street relationships that leave me tired and feeling used.

This week’s invitation: Make a Letting Go List

What’s on yours? Take a pen and paper out and let your heart lead you.

When you’re done, say each one aloud and tear it up or burn it!

It’s time for you to free yourself.

Are you game? Hit reply and share one with me!

Let’s have fun! “One thing I let go of is…”


3 Announcements: Mark Your Calendars!

The big let go for me business-wise this year is…letting go of my Blog Talk radio show starting January 1.

I have so much enjoyed being on air with some incredibly special guests, but all signs point within me to “let it go” and I’ve learned to listen to that still powerful voice inside when it comes up.

#1 This Thursday, Dec 3 “Tips to Heal Yourself During the Holidays”

@8pm EST

Cost: FREE

I will be bringing on my special guest this Thursday, my mentor, international healer and a truly spiritual teacher, Althea Gray. She is magical and you won’t want to miss her, so please mark your calendars. Please tune into the show here:

#2 Next Friday, Dec 11 (New Moon!) “Letting go of Love Blocks with the Angels”

Cost: FREE tele-call with yours truly.

@8pm EST.

You don’t have to opt-in. Just write down this info to join me!

Attend by Phone:

Guest pin code: 908199#

Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100

Secondary dial in number: (415) 633-4267

Full list of dial in Numbers:

Event Page:

#3 Would you like me to be your spiritual mentor or coach for 2016? Let’s find out if we’re a good fit!

I have just a handful of spots left to work with me privately in January and I’d love love love the opportunity to help you reach your true Soul potential next year.

To make sure we’re a perfect fit, I’d love to hop on the phone or Skype with you for a FREE 15-minute chat to discuss your goals and help you make the best decision for your life.

Please click here

Have a fantastic start to December and stay warm wherever you are in the world!



Can’t wait to connect with you in one (or ALL!) of the 3 events above.

Love and Angel Blessings,



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