life isn’t about doing it perfectly…

Happy Wed!

Have you ever witnessed a moment that took your breath away because it was just so different than what you expected?

I just got back from a beautiful wedding near San Diego and the ceremony was a combination of traditional Catholic Portuguese vows and Buddhist chants and ritual! (Fascinating in itself, right?)

There were so many moments that stuck out but one in particular was a crystal lotus flower with a gemstone-like egg that held the rings.

In the Buddhist tradition, this symbolized the couple’s commitment to join the masculine and feminine forces together to create One ness and unity, not just for each other, but for humanity as a whole. 

As my friend and her soon to be husband toggled back and forth between reciting Portuguese and English vows and they reached for the ring, the groom nearly dropped the rings as they slid off very quickly from the egg.

There was a GASP! that rippled throughout the seats and they made light of it and after a moment of panic on his face, he burst into boyish giggles-and my friend started giggling and then we did too! This continued through the ceremony as little nuances here and there strayed from “perfect” but were so very perfect in their imperfection…because they were real.

And it got me thinking, how many times do we beat ourselves up because something doesn’t come off “perfectly” in our relationships?

With that conversation?

Or that situation?

And how easy it can be to slip into a state of self-judgement and worrying about other people’s perception of what you are doing, thinking, saying, not saying.

But what if the real trick is to just show up.

In all your beautiful, flawed, imperfect glory?

And just trust that things are going to flow the way they are meant to.

Go all in, yes.

Get clear on what you want, yes and yes.

Take aligned action and include the Divine/your Spirit/the Universe in your plans (yoni egg and lotus optional!) 

But then freaking let GO.

Let it do its thing.

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind to others.

And make sure to laugh!

Because “perfect” is not only realistic.

It’s boring.

And it sucks you out of the moment.

So live it up.

As we head into July, give yourself permission to stop beating yourself up for what you could have done but didn’t.

You’ll do it differently next time.

You did what you had to do then to get you to here and now.

Enjoy the nuances.

And the sunshine 😉

Have a magical close to June and “see” you in July!

Love and Blessings,

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