what’s in store for you? your goddess message inside!

July is a very spiritual month and one that can take you into deeper parts of yourself if you allow it in. It is the 7th month of the year and 7 in numerology represents the hidden aspects of yourself, tuning into other realms and perspectives and of the dance between independence and isolation.

So it’s a month where you may feel heavy emotions coming up or stuff that you thought you dealt with coming up to the surface and you’re like…WTF? I really thought we were done with that Spirit!

But it’s coming up for you to look at it one last time and decide-are you really done with it? What are you rejecting in yourself or another? Where can you honor something that’s caused you challenges so you truly truly let it go once and for all?

This month requires you to be the warrior goddess as well as the visionary-where do you want to go next?

This week especially I was feeling Goddess energy and I channeled a message from the Goddess of War herself, Athena. These messages if you block out distractions and really tune in, can be a healing for your Soul if you are open to receive it.

In this week’s video you will:

  • re-align to your Truth (hear the channeled message to help you maximize this week’s energy)
  • let go of stress (you’ll receive a specific Goddess mantra you can use throughout the month when you are feeling torn between what to do or not do).
  • prepare for an amazing, magical month (know what is being asked of you to move through supposed challenges at this time!) 

Watch it here:

Love and Blessings,

ps: Stay tuned because next week I have a very important announcement you won’t want to miss!

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