do you love yourself? 5 questions to ask.

Do you love yourself?

It sounds like such a loaded question, doesn’t it?

But the degree to which you love and accept yourself affects how open and available you are to allow others to love and accept you. Not just in relationships, but in all areas of your life.

With Thursday’s solar Eclipse (July 12), the Universe is shedding light on how you feel about yourself and how you project that out to the world. Solar eclipses are about masculine energy and the vision you see outside of yourself/a male energy close to you and what they are trying to teach you.

It’s not so black and white like yes, I do or no I don’t.

Over the past 7 years of witnessing thousands of clients transform their lives, it always circles back to this one area: self love/self-acceptance.

And I’ve seen over and over again, 5 critical areas that surround a healthy self-love relationship with yourself.

Ready to take the mini quiz?


Ask yourself the following and then without thinking, rate your level of self-love in this area from 1 to 5. 

1= I don’t love myself very much in this area at all to 5= I am knocking it out of the park-I’m totally loving myself in this way!

1. Do you treat your body with kindness and respect? (eating healthy foods, moving it everyday, choosing clothing that feel good to wear)=

2. Do you say No to other people’s demands on your time and energy (even though you may feel a little guilty)?=

3. Do you have healthy practices in place to self-soothe when you have a challenging day or moment?=

4. Do you maintain friendships and associations with people who energize you and who you can be yourself with?=

5. Do you reach out for support when you are feeling overwhelmed (vs trying to just do everything yourself?)=

Next steps:

  • Notice which ones you scored highest and which ones you scored lowest.
  • Journal to go deeper:
For the highest, what can help you maintain that frequency? What tends to distract you or take you away from loving yourself at that level everyday? For the lowest, what is one thing that you know would help you elevate that to a new place? What fears or thoughts come up as you think of increasing the self-love in that area? Your first instincts could shed some valuable light on how to love yourself even more!

It’s never about being perfect.

It’s about just elevating yourself to the level you want to be at.

Loving how you feel about you and operating from that high vibe.

Happy Solar Eclipse and would you like more support?

For Fall (Sept/October) I am taking on a handful of 1:1 spiritual mentoring clients who are ready to change their lives, dig deep and create transformation from the inside out in your self-talk, relationships and Soul purpose work!

Is this you? Are you ready to have someone hold your feet to the fire, hold space for you emotionally but also energetically and help you connect with your Truth so things actually shift in your life?

Click here to schedule a 15-minute consultation. These are complimentary. Let’s see if we’re a fit, you can ask me questions about what the process is like and I will also ask you questions to see what your goals are and if I’m the best person to help you reach those! I will also share any resources or next steps regardless of whether we end up working together if they arise!


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