my favorite detox exercise!

With so many planets in retrograde you may be feeling a bit all over the place or just feel like things are moving through molasses.

But there is a silver lining.

It’s the perfect time to forgive yourself and others and also to energetically off load heavy old emotions, patterns and beliefs that have put a haze over you taking full action in the direction of your dreams.

One of my favorite tools is the forgiveness letter. It’s got two super simple parts and I’ve made a short audio for you!

Check it out here: 

Ps: feeling like you would like to release some old gunk like ASAP? I have 5 spots for Eclipse energy healing sessions over the next 2 weeks only. These are not your average healing sessions. We go deep and you’ll leave with an action step and plan from your guides to help you stay on track and avoid slipping into old patterns. Interested in learning more or booking one? Hit reply and we will share more details!

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