Use this Sanskrit mantra to help you open to love with ease

Do you desire more love? You must shed the belief that attracting love is the result of struggle. First we must practice acceptance of the present moment and the easier your life becomes. -paraphrased from Deepak Chopra


Wow. So simple, but true isn’t? The Buddhists believe that our suffering comes from the pain of our attachments to anything and the addiction to struggle.Let’s face it. When it comes to matters of the heart, it can be incredibly difficult to buy into the idea that we deserve for love to come easily and with very little effort. We are almost programmed to feed into the belief that there is something wrong with us if we just show up as we are naturally, the way we look, talk, etc. Why didn’t he call? What was the subliminal message behind that text? What does it say about me that he/she didn’t reply to my email?


Stru…ggle.It’s exhausting. I’m so done. I’m going on a struggle strike.Want to join me? I’ll bring brownies (gluten-free of course) and sangria. Just kidding. Although that would be fun.There is hope! I recently learned a powerful Sanskrit mantra from Deepak Chopra specifically designed to help you open to receive more and create more (of anything not just romantic love) with zero struggle and minimal effort.


Now, I want to be clear. Effort and taking action is required. Discomfort may happen when you venture outside those safe little bubbles you’re used to operating in. No one gets a free pass on that highway. But using this mantra is intended to help you step into the flow of your heart and be inspired to receive, listen to your intuitive nudges and then take natural actions vs. struggling internally and pushing through with actions that leave you feeling more needy and exhausted. Capiche?


SANSKRIT MANTRA: Law of Least Effort

“OM -DAKSHUM- NAMAH” (written as it’s pronounced)


Translation: “My actions achieve maximum benefit with minimal effort”


Directions for using the mantra:

1. Get centered and take a few deep breaths. It’s best to be in a place where you will undisturbed for at least 5-10 minutes.


2. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. With every inhalation, visualize yourself receiving love or whatever it is you want to call in. On every exhalation, visualize yourself letting go of the need to control the outcome, to force or to struggle. Do this at least 3X or until you feel completely present.


3. With your eyes closed, repeat the mantra, OM DAKSHUM NAMAH. You can set a timer if you like for 2-3 minutes. Repeat this with intention to let go of struggle and call forth your heart’s desires with grace and ease. You can do this aloud or mentally silently if you are in a public place.


4. Close by slowing bringing yourself into the room, taking one final deep breath and opening your eyes. Bring your hands together at heart center or prayer position, which is a symbol of acknowledgement and connection to your Higher Self. You’re all done! Repeat as often as you like!


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Your Intuitive Relationship Coach, Diana Dorell

Your Intuitive Relationship Coach, Diana Dorell

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