Decision-making made simple…an spiritual tool to help you make better decisions + raise your confidence in love!

It’s no surprise that confidence is the #1 thing we all look for in prospective partners (and the #1 thing they look for in you too!) A confident woman is a powerful woman and this is different from arrogance in that the first leads with grace and clarity and the second leads with fear and uncertainty.

One thing that can help you become more confident is to become a NINJA in your decision-making skills. When you waffle between “should I do this? or should I do that?” land, you lose power, you start to doubt yourself and you tend give off a desperate, unsure vibe that turns men (or women) off. So what do you do? I’d like to share a spiritual energy technique you can use to help you make better decisions, which will set you up for attracting in relationships that are more balanced and energizing! I call it the “SPIRIT HAND” technique. Watch the video below or if you prefer to read the steps, scroll down!


Step 1: Get Grounded.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your belly 3-5 times. With every inhalation, think the word, “Love.” Receive Love from the Universe, the Spirit, Guides, whatever you believe in. Drink it in and with every exhalation, think the word, “GIVE.” Imagine that your breath is literally sending love and peace back out into the Universe and to all the people and causes you care about. SMILE as you do this.


Step 2: Prepare  + Get Specific

From this grounded state, write down the situation you have in question. Specifically write down 2 potential options.

Example: If your question is “Should I put myself back on Match . com?” then you could write down Choice #1: Putting myself back on Match   #2: Putting myself out there in other ways besides this dating site.

Then looking at your hands, decide which choice you will place in which hand. (Left or right). Don’t think so hard about this!


Step 3: Get Ready to Receive

Sitting down relaxed with your palms open to receive on your lap, visualize a line of pure white energy being flooded from the top of your head (crown chakra) all throughout your energy centers, through your whole body until you feel like you are literally glowing with white light. Use your imagination and don’t judge your experience or try to force anything. When you feel ready, out loud ask, “Spirit, please raise the hand that holds the path of my Higher Self.” Then following the energy that comes WITHOUT THINKING, one of your hands will immediately raise.

There is your insight!

A few tips:

1. Q: What if both of my hands raise?

A: You may need to go back to the grounding or double-check that you have two clear and distinct choices. If the choices are too similar, then you may get both up in the air!


2. Q: What if none of them raise up?

A: You may be afraid to hear the answer of your Soul. In that case, relax into the question and try the exercise again when you are truly ready to receive insight. Also check to see that the question you are asking is really what you want to ask.

3. Q: Can I influence the hand that goes up?

A: If you are truly surrendering to Spirit, the hand that raises will be of pure energy. That is why I have you say SPIRIT, please raise the hand vs. just saying the choices from your own name. A good rule of thumb: If you feel like you are influencing your hand, then you probably are! You are most likely in your head and I would recommend you ground again before doing this exercise! It takes practice to surrender but over time it will become easier and easier!


Did you try this? How did it go for you? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Caitlin Gardan
    Caitlin Gardan says:

    LOVE this! As I was laying in bed this morning, ruminating over decisions again, I picked up my phone to scan emails and got directed to this! Perfect. A fun way to get guidance and now my decision is done. Thanks Diana Goddess. X


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