The #1 Rookie Manifesting Mistake I Made (So You Don’t Make it Too!)

A few years back, I was living in the SF Bay Area and dancing professionally with a group in the Mission District.

One particularly grueling, sweat-filled rehearsal, we got a 20 minute lunch break and  yours truly in her infinite wisdom, totally spaced on bringing snacks or a lunch.

My options and time were limited.

But across the street was McD’s.

Now, I truly would rather gone anywhere else, but with 16 minutes and counting left until I had to summon some massive cosmic energy to dance for another few hours, I decided to take my chances.

I apologized in advance to my body.

“Hello, Welcome to McDonalds. Can me help you?” a friendly lady with a heavy accent asked me.

“Um, yea, I’ll have the McChicken, but please…just put lettuce and tomato. None of that sauce stuff.”

She looked at me kinda weird, like I said something in Sanskrit to her, but she nodded, tapped her buttons, I paid and she told me to move aside and wait for my number.

Time left to eat: 7 minutes.

Oh. My. Goddess my tummy was rumbling. I could taste the rubbery chicken in my mouth and all I could think of was grabbing it, scarfing it down and sprinting back to the studio.

“Number 7!”


I grabbed it and just ran to the studio, figuring I could have 1 minute of peaceful eating on the floor.

I ran up the stairs, picked a corner and tore open the yellow wrapping like a starved dog.

And I took a bite. Bliss was coming.

But something tasted funny.

It seemed a little light.

I opened the sandwich and what was there?

Lots of lettuce. And. Tomato. Only.

Wrapped in bread.

The chicken was M.I.A.

The Lesson: PeekPhotographyDorall-0949

I wanted to cry and yell at that lady so bad, but it taught me an important lesson on manifesting.

Here it is.

Watch your words. You have to be specific.

I asked for lettuce and tomato only and well…that’s exactly what I got.

I could have blamed it on the lady’s limited English or I could take full responsibility as a powerful manifesting Goddess and next time, just clarify.

I chose the latter after that day.

Over to you:

This week’s Soul question- Have you ever made a request that was too vague and then gotten a vague answer or result back? What’s one specific thing you’d like to bring in for yourself this week? Leave a comment and let’s help circulate that into the Uni-verse!

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Much Love!


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    • Diana
      Diana says:

      Love it sharon! How many clients exactly and what does a stronger body mean for you? In the spirit of specificity! Love, Diana


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