the one reason most people don’t manifest what they want in life

A question I get asked a lot in media interviews is “what is the # tip you have to help people manifest the relationship and life they want?”

The answer (inspired by the scene in Crazy, Rich Asians movie) is found in observing the following question.

In any given situation, are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose?

If you’re playing to win, that looks like:
:: feeling scared but going all in anyway, knowing that everything worth going for is going to require some element of risk

:: clarity on what you desire but flexibility on how you get there
:: making mistakes but course-correcting along the way, focused.
:: this is the big one….being willing to be wrong, surprised and delighted, willing to leave blood on the stage with your efforts (yea, I know that’ kind of gross but it’s a theatre term I had to throw in there)
:: based on an abundance/more than enough mentality, let’s see what happens vibe that encourages exploration, creativity and curiosity

If you’re playing not to lose, that looks like:
:: feeling scared and not going in all the way, actually not really even going fully for it at all. 

::it’s an idea that lives in your head, but there’s no action behind it. it’s a fantasy.
:: doing the bare minimum to yield minimum results (a safer bet, but not really rewarding or satisfying).
:: based on a lack/scarcity mentality and encourages fear and defensiveness and not enough-energy

That’s it.

You want to manifest the exceptional relationship, career, house, etc?

Play to win.

If you don’t, you ‘ll always feel this restlessness knowing you could have gone further, gone for it, expressed how you felt, whatever the next right action is even if you’re not 100% sure it’s going to lead you to X result. 

The next right action is inspired by your gut.

If you want to play to win, you must learn how to get out of your head.

The head will cut you off at the knees before you’re even out of the starting gate.

The heart will let you know how you feel, which is important but can also slow you down when shit gets hard or you’re in uncharted, uncomfortable waters.

But the gut?

The gut is pure. It is emotionally neutral. 

Even when you’re taking scary actions and the mind won’t shut up, it’s there for you, that quiet whisper that says….keep going.

Q: Where are you intending to play to win in your life? Leave a comment and let us know!

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