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Happy Wed and October!

Hope is in the air! As we begin the month, it’s so important to take stock of how far you’ve come-no matter what challenges may have arisen last month, it’s the perfect week to take the lessons from before and apply them to your deepest desires.

As it relates to relationships, a lot of old relationships from your past may come up for review-in some cases, it may show you how much you have grown as your response to old triggers will be much different than it was before. In other cases, it will show you where you have some unfinished business with another and most likely is there to show you what’s really, really important….and what’s just not anymore so you can move forward.

I pulled three cards for you to anchor in this week:

  • This week’s theme: water the seeds you’ve planted. 
  • Message: A cloud lifts and forward movement is happening! 
  • As you draw strength from your past and put energy into your hearts desires, you will begin to reap the rewards of your hard work and clear intentions!

All in all, October will be an excellent month, ripe with possibilities and breakthroughs if you remember that any emotions that come up are there to benefit you!

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Love and Blessings for a beautiful October,

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