the single trait that makes you irresistible (feminine energy tip)

Have you seen the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun?

It’s one of my favorites and there is a line in there that’s worth repeating: “Never lose your childlike enthusiasm…it’s the most important thing….Also, you have to learn to live spherically…”

The character listening has been beating herself up, feeling sorry for herself because her husband left her for another woman, completely down.

And this other Goddess-like woman who lives rather unconventionally delivers those lines to her in response to how she’s always happy (and constantly surrounded by men and women alike!).

The single trait then?

The decision to live spherically vs. linearly.

This looks like:

  • cultivating joy and spending time and energy on the people you love
  • gracefully letting go of the things you can’t control
  • trusting that things will naturally fall into place 
  • accepting and allowing all emotions to exist without judging them or making up a story that is not self-loving.

This is something to practice each day-it’s not an end goal. After all, we all have those days when things feel impossible, our heads want to rule and try to grasp, mastermind and manipulate an outcome.

If that happens, don’t beat yourself up.

Simply be aware that it’s not an energy you want to stay in. 

Get back into your body, breathe and then you can make another choice.

One step at a time Goddess.

And watch the movie if you need a little pick me up! 😉

Love and Blessings,

ps: Would you like some support to learn how to do this on an ongoing basis? Go here and book a consult and let’s talk!

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