this can feel hard, but it’s possible…

Today’s Q+A comes from a YouTube subscriber: “Diana, I want to be in a relationship but the idea of opening up to someone new freaks me out. How do you overcome a fear of being vulnerable? Help!”

First off, this is a brave question-thank you for asking it!

Being vulnerable can feel really hard, especially if you have opened your heart in the past and been hurt. (been there, goddess!)

Part of calling in a higher-vibration relationship does include opening up and letting someone see the real you. 

Otherwise, you can attract people who are unwilling to fully commit to you and go deeper with you.

Thankfully, you can overcome a fear of being vulnerable…it simply requires a shift in perspective.

Here are 3 steps to do that and get closer to attracting the type of relationship that makes you WANT to open up even with those niggles and insecurities.

Listen Here:


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