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Happy Tuesday!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Quick update: I just got back home to the desert from New York City. Had a blast meeting with old friends and also clients who I’ve worked with on the phone but never met in person! Fun pic from my recent “Wealthy Goddess” event below with Lorena Morales! Also just kicked off my free 3-week video training series called “Live Like a Goddess!” Want to join me and learn how to receive? It’s not too late! Hop in here.

Can I share something really weird about myself with you that is the intro to today’s inspirational post?

Here it is.

I loooove…. pennies. 

In particular, finding pennies on the floor. I prefer the super new shiny ones, but the rusty, not-sure-i-could-give-this-to-a-cashier-it’s-so-covered-in-crap ones are cool too.

I get ridiculously excited and I sometimes squeal with delight when they make an appearance.

To me they are evidence that we are supported by the Universe.

They are a symbol of the energy of abundance, which to me certainly includes financial moo-lah but also love and our capacity to receive all the delights and desires of our Soul.

Since I got off the plane for my NY trip, I found a penny everyday, if not more than once a day.

Sometimes the Universe even threw in dimes!

Each time, even in a crowded subway or intersection, I would respond in the same way.

Delighted! Smiley! Filled with joy and with a big goofy smile on my face that I’m sure scared people (or disgusted them…or didn’t faze’s NY after all).

What does this have to do with you?IMG_3350.JPG

If you aren’t experiencing what you want in your relationship space, or in another area of life, consider that you may have put your focus on the wrong thing.

Example: When I kept finding those pennies and dimes, I was usually just in the present moment. Trying to find the right train to take so I wouldn’t get lost…again! Or looking for a sign or a friend who was meeting up with me. But in the back of my mind, I expected to find more pennies and dimes AND…I learned to stop trying to control when or how that would happen.

To test this theory out, for about ten minutes when I had alone time, I focused totally on pennies and dimes. I just knew I was going to find them. And I looked hard. Every sidewalk, my eyes scoured left and right, determined. I started to feel really tense and my breathing got shallow. I almost ran into a kid in a stroller I was so focused. And as you can probably guess, the result was no pennies or dimes. Just a whole lotta stress, wasted mental energy and a bruised toe!

I had a good laugh and then focused on the beautiful church that happened to be on my right. It was so beautiful and I sent a pic to my boyfriend.

And one minute later, there it was. Penny number two of the day.

So, in short here are this week’s action steps:

  1. Notice-are you operating from a space of knowing that you will have that hot relationship, etc but allowing your mind to come back to a space of ease, joy and the present moment? Or are you focusing so hard that you are creating negative things like stress, anxiety or worry? A simple awareness shift is all it takes to bring you back.
  2. One of my favorite mantras? “What I truly desires also desires me. It’s safe to let go.” Have a go with it. Say it aloud when you find yourself gripping  or write it out a bunch of times and notice how it feels!”

May you find many many “pennies,” and have a beautiful week!

Love and Blessings,


 ps: Want to learn how we can work together to help you make some powerful shifts in your love life and self-confidence? Hit reply and say YES and we can set up a time to chat on the phone for 15 minutes to see what option would be best for you!IMG_3336.JPG

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