want to break free once and for all? stop using this word!

It could be internally or externally.

When you are going through a transition or a shift, whether it’s personal or professional, it’s natural to experience feelings of insecurity, fear, indecision and joy all wrapped into one. 

After all, when you leave behind what you’ve always known to embark on a new path, a new way of BE-ing, a period of adjustment is in order.

But, especially among the highly-conscious, sensitive-to-energy folks like you and I, there is one word that can (at least in my personal opinion) block you from opening up to the full potential of your new chapter change.

That word?

How many times have you heard someone share their intention with you or maybe you’ve even included it in a statement of intent/mantra or repetitive thought yourself.

“I just want to feel or be comfortable.”

“I want X experience to be peaceful, easy and comfortable.”

“I just want to feel comfortable when I go on dates.”

You’ve shot yourself energetically in the foot right there.

Because let’s face it.

You are a powerful be-ing.

The words you say hold energy and vibration behind them.

Golden Nugget:

Very often you don’t get exactly what you ask for. 99% of the time, you get what your subconscious is programmed to believe is possible.

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And if you are using the word comfortable, here’s my take on it:

1. If you had the intentions above and you acted in full alignment with it (no couch-sitting!), you would probably feel peaceful, you will probably draw in some quality dates, and feel happy-ish.

Things may even feel easy..at least for awhile.

2. But you’ll most likely stay exactly where you are.

Where you probably are right now.


You’re Different

But if you’re reading this, I have a feeling you don’t just want comfortable. You don’t just want “okay.” 

You want extra-ordinary relationships, sparkly energy and the whole shebang!  

You probably know that there is something more for you. 

There’s something you’re not fully stepping into. 

Maybe because of what someone told you growing up, maybe because of a fear of failure or even more common, a fear and expectation of actually having the love you seek and what could come with that! 

You have to move past that if you want a different result in your life.

3. When you’re living your Purpose, when you are acting from your Goddess/God space, and you are expanding and growing, it is rarely comfortable! 

It’s downright uncomfortable, painful and Ego-shattering. 

(I know, I made it sound very not fun!) 

The pain is the Ego dying and the Truth being brought to the surface so you can make a different choice.

Want some help so you stop going at it alone?

I’d love to support you and help you feel confident navigating the shifts coming up for you to break free once and for all.

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