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Today, I take your questions from the community.

This one enters around communication, which is apropos because we are officially in Mercury Retrograde, a time when communication can get errrr… interesting. 

From now until Feb 3, it’s really important to make no assumptions in your interactions, to ask questions and to be as pristine in your communication as possible. Things could be misunderstood or you may not have all the information to make an informed decision about a relationship.

It’s also a great time to review how you feel and what you want and to go back to the drawing board if necessary!

But onto today’s question: 

Q: Diana, I’ve been seeing a guy for about three weeks and he has stopped calling when he said he would or even texting me back. What should I do? 

Here’s my easy A: 

It’s information. Everything anyone does is a choice they make-a person’s actions speak more about them than anything. In the moment though, it can feel so personal-why is he doing this to me? What’s wrong with me? Breathe goddess!

If he’s choosing to not call when he says he will, quite simply, he doesn’t want to communicate with you. It’s very likely this pattern of behavior is happening in other areas. You now have more information-this is someone who is comfortable not following through with his commitments. And you can decide-are you okay with that? If not, it may be time to release him and move on.

For more, check out the audio I made with an extended answer! 

Have you ever dealt with this? Leave a comment!

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