you don’t have to know what’s next but you must master this…

I was speaking with a girlfriend the other night and she was sharing with me how for the first time in her life, she had no clue what was next for her.

Have you ever felt like that before?

: general low-level frustration

:: a bit of anxiety because you’re so used to having a crystal clear vision, taking action on it and feeling powerful and on-track….. and

:: a strange “what’s next?” feeling because all of a sudden, it’s not so black and white anymore?

You’re in a gray watercolor and you’re not sure how to swim out or even where you’d swim to.

I’ve been there many times, both in my professional life and personal one.

You accomplish everything on your “goal” list and then it’s like…okay, is that all there is?

Do I make another list of goals? A bigger more exciting one? Or do I ditch the list? Am I bad for not making a list? Maybe I should be doing more, wanting more, is there something wrong with me? OMG!!!!!

It can be a mental merry-go-round, right?

What I realized:

It’s not always about knowing what’s next. It’s about being okay with sitting in the stillness and accepting it. TWEET THAT.

And I don’t know about you, but for me, being still can feel torturous.

I’m a dancer afterall! We want to move move move!

But be still internally we must if we are ever to experience a true breakthrough.

Like a little seedling, slowing growing up towards the light.

Over-watering it can kill this delicate bud.

Under-watering it can shrivel it.

But just letting it be there.

Letting it sit there and loving it for where it is.

That’s huge.

So, that’s my short but powerful offering for you this week. Said a few different ways:

  1. Stop avoiding the stillness. Listen to what it has to share with you.
  2. Stop making yourself ‘wrong’ for not having a clear plan on what’s next. Be here. Now. It’s enough.
  3. Accept the void of what is to be prepared for what is coming.

Which statement above resonates with you this week? #1, 2 or 3? Let me know in the comments and take it and make it yours!




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