you have to let go of good if you want great

Have you ever known that it was TIME to let go of something that was “just okay” so you could make space for something amazing?

I recently had a session with someone who was letting go of a man who she’d had an on and off again relationship with.

They had both been playing cat and mouse for over 3 years and when we went to do the karmic cord cutting (a powerful energy release I do with my private clients), tears rolled down her face as she felt his presence in the room. “My whole body is vibrating!” she said, looking at me with wide eyes.

She got to share with him all the things she’d been too proud to say when they were face to face. To start the letting go process…for real.

And the next day (full moon) she texted me to let me know that she just wanted to go to a park and just be with herself…and sift through all the emotions that came up instead of going to a party.

“I never do that!” she laughed.

She cried. She laughed. She raged. But she had freed herself. She was starting to accept that she had always held the keys to her freedom. It wasn’t with this guy. That’s real power.

But her take-away? She was done settling for just okay. She was ready for great.

And in order for great to arrive, we have to be willing to let go of the crumbs. To let go of just “good enough.”

It’s not gonna cut it anymore Goddess!

The real secret: shhhh

And to be open to GREAT, you have to learn to tolerate and accept the space. The void. The discomfort.

You have to be strong.

It’s so easy to try and fill that space that that person, job, or habit left, but you want exceptional right?

Mindblowing, OMG-this-is-my-life amazing, right?

Then you’re going to have to be able to sit with yourself in the discomfort for awhile without rushing to replace it.

Does it hurt or suck sometimes?


Is it easy?

Hell no!

But it’s what it takes.

A firm will to say “I will only accept the best. I’m done with crumbs.”

The Universe will test you.

You may think you’ve screwed up when that person comes back or you encounter a similar situation as before.

No no no sister.

It’s just the Universe testing your resolve to GREAT.

Be strong.

You’ve got this.

Q: Where have you been settling for “just okay or good? What does AMAZING or great look like? Brave souls, share with us in the comments! There is power in your words. Just by sharing it you are already putting it out there that you deserve more. Because you do.




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  1. Martina
    Martina says:

    Diana, this is so right on for me right now. I’ve also just read a book that I highly recommend to anyone going through a big process of letting go and transforming. It’s called ‘Broken Open’ by Elizabeth Lesser. Awesome read. Thanks Diana!


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