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Take ACTION: I want to hear from YOU.

“If you had 10 minutes to change the world, what would YOU speak about or do?”

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Video: How to Get Out Of Indecision Land (In Less than 5 Minutes)

The phones are ringing off the hook.

You’re running late to yet ANOTHER appointment.

In front of you, you have a To-Do List miles long.

And when you DO have 5 minutes to actually glance at it, the thought of tackling it or focusing feels too exhausting.

And did I mention it’s only 12noon?

If this sounds like you, do yourself a favor and watch this SHORT (less than 5 minute) video. (made especially for YOU!)

I hear you and I want to help you get out of what I call “indecision land.” It sucks. It’s exhausting and it’s soul-sucking.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • How to stop treading water (and wasting time) on “to-do’s” that suck your energy
  • My Top Secret Unconventional 3 minute strategy to knowing EXACTLY where to focus first
  • How to stop feeling distracted when life around you gets CRAAZZZYYY



1. Golden Arrow It.

2. To-Do List

3. Take it to the Heart/Select

Take Action:

What helps YOU stay productive?Is there a method or inspirational quote/book/etc that helps YOU get out of indecision land? Your suggestion could help SOOOO many people. Post a comment and SHARE this video with your indecisive friends!


PS: If you are in the NYC area, come say hi! I’ll be speaking at the State of Now Conference June 20th at 10:40am EST along with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Jeff Keni Pulver and other amazing folks!

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3 Simple Tools to Stay Sane This Month with guest blogger, Mom and teacher, Andrea!

Summer is upon us and June is poised to be a month that highlights the following themes in your life:

Two former ballet students who are NEVER afraid to be themselves!

Authenticity: Where in your life are you feeling called to be MORE YOU?

Authority: Where in your life do you need to harness your personal power and stop being a victim?

Abundance: What is your relationship to money? How about relationships? Where do you need to ditch LACK mentality around these areas and adopt a new philosophy of TRUST and INFINITE SUPPLY?


Today’s Guest Post: 3 Simple Tools to Stay Sane

by Andrea Lavender

Hello everyone! I’m Andrea Lavender and I wanted to share a few tools that I use in my everyday life.  For starters, I’m a high school teacher. On a daily basis I communicate with over 100 young teens plus all with very different emotional activity going on inside. Knowing that I’m clairsentient (I feel energies and emotions very easily), I need to protect myself as much as possible so I don’t absorb or mix their stresses with any of mine. 

Tool #1: Center and Ground Yourself

Every morning when I get to my classroom, I take a sticky note and draw the 1st reiki symbol in all 4 corners of it plus the middle. I imagine that the paper represents my classroom and its 4 corners. I then envision a golden beam of energy coming from those 4 corners and they meet in the middle of my classroom. Those beams represent grounded, focus, responsibility, and calmness.  I notice that when I do that, my students seem to enter in the classroom and get organized more quickly and they seem to stay on task a lot better than when I don’t do this plus it helps me center and ground before taking on a full load of other people’s energy. 

Tool #2: Lead with Your Intuition vs. Your Mind

Another tool that I constantly use throughout the day is my intuition. I purposely try not to over think something and just listen to the guiding voices I have around me. It really helps me to notice students who may be having an issue and are quiet about things or who feel that they can’t seek help. I somehow seem to find them at just the right moment. It also helps me diffuse any issues before they start by sampling noticing the energy around us. I feel something intruding, I take a quick second to ask my higher self what could be happening and instantly my attention is lead towards the problem. 

Tool #3: Call on the ArchAngels to avoid Energy Drains and Exhaustion

Finally, before even stepping foot into my place of work, I ground the building and then think of AA Michael and Raphael. Michael encloses me in a bubble of purple/blue light so that I can be protected from others emotions and Raphael surrounds me in green light and I ask him to only filter in healing vibrations. When I do this, I usually leave work as energized as I came – when I don’t I feel drained and worn out. It’s simple, it works and I have enough energy to wake up and do it all over again! 

Andrea is a high school teacher as well as an Angel Reiki™ II Practitioner and aromatherapist.

Take ACTION: What is 1 thing that helps YOU stay sane in the summertime?

Post your response! 

Have a great week! 



Much Love,

Diana Dorell

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What Carrie Bradshaw Taught Me About Making Decisions: 3 Easy Steps

Confession:  My name is Diana Dorell, The CEO Psychic and I am a Sex and the City junkie.

I own the majority of the episodes on DVD’s and I can give you a quote from every character it’s kind of ridiculous.

Here’s one of my favorites:

“The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes.
That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”-Carrie Bradshaw

In my 20’s, I used the above quote to justify A LOT of my purchases, including 4 inch Via Spiga leopard stilettos (and they were discounted!), thigh-high lime-green leather stiletto boots (I only wore them once, but they were SO cool!). But then there are my black and purple suede 40’s style, silver-bow buckled heels ( I confess they are Aerosoles but CUTE aerosoles!) that I have worn so much that my sweetheart actually said with 100% sincerity, “Diana, I thought those were the only dressy shoes you owned because you always wear them on our dates!” (ouch!)

But…………. how does this story apply to YOU?


(I can read your mind. I’m psychic!) 🙂

Where in your life do you justify purchasing things that you KNOW just give you instant gratification and a false sense of happiness…..only to find that you never (or rarely) actually use them or feel differently after you get them?

What in your life COULD you be investing in that you keep putting off because it’s scary, would require more accountability or would take you out of your comfort zone?


Before you make ANY decision….

1. Breathe.
Seriously, it’s simple and we try to make it all complicated!
Taking a few deep breaths will still your mind and help you make a choice that feels right for you vs. an anxiety, adrenaline-induced one.

2. Ask yourself:
*”Is this in line with my values?” (That’s a quick YES or NO. Stop over-thinking it!)
*Will this help me grow and move closer to where I want to be?
*Does this make me feel EXPANSIVE?

3. Take Action!
Often times, the thing we most need to do is also the most scary.Whenever we change a pattern, our subconscious mind can go AWOL!
“I don’t want to change! What if it doesn’t work out? It didn’t work last time. I am not ready. I am not good enough…lalalalalalal <white noise>”

When you feel EXPANSIVE, excited and yes, sometimes scared/nervous/mind throwing a temper tantrum, that’s a KILLER combination.

Because it’s your TRUTH.

And everything holding you back from your truth is being shaken up and held up to that crazy fluorescent light for you to acknowledge and release.

So you can stop operating from “instant gratification/monkey mind” and start coming from a “calm/confident, CLEAR, FUN space” (notice I didn’t use the word mind…our most profound “problems” are rarely solved there) 🙂

I’m rooting for you. I’m in your corner.

And I love you. (and I’m going to rock my suede 40’s style heels because they passed the test above. I swear.) 🙂

PS: If LOVE is what you know you need/want/have been avoiding, let this be your Spiritual nudge:
Registration closes TONIGHT at 12 midnight EST/9pm PST for “Looking for Love in All the Right Places” 3 week teleseminar.


Check it out and have a fabulous day rockin your shoes (bonus points if they are stilettos).


Diana xo

Free Report: 6 Mantras for Manifesting Healthy Relationships!

Hello Beautiful Woman!

Manifesting a healthy relationship, whether that is with another person, money or yourself, has positive effects on every area of your life. Sometimes we are not even aware on a conscious level that we hold beliefs that repel the very thing that we keep saying we want! The biggest areas where we trip ourselves up include: trusting, finding balance, setting personal boundaries and receiving/feeling worthy to receive love (in all forms.) I sat in meditation and asked, “What can help us manifest healthy relationships?”

The following list was channeled (I received the exact words and phrases from a Higher state of Consciousness) and I credit the following for communicating them through me: Buddha, Goddess Abundantia, Goddess Athena, Archangel Michael the Protector, Archangel Uriel, Mother Mary, Goddess Lakshmi and Remover of Obstacles, Ganesha.

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