what’s your ‘magic’ number? my #1 tool to focus your energy

Do you tend to get overwhelmed with too many things to do at once?

Does your To-Do list seem to run your life?

I’ve been there and if you’re anything like my awesome superwoman/superman-style clients, you (or someone you know)  probably have a tendency to overcommit yourself or to feel the need to always be productive, even to the detriment of your own energy level.

Am I ringing any bells?

If you are ready to

  • eliminate overwhelm
  • have more energy for the things that actually matter (hello Monday night dance class I keep saying I’ll get to!)
  • feel more in control and productive

I want to help!

This week’s tool is called “What’s Your Magic Number”

It’s a simple visualization technique that I use in my own life and suggest to my clients to help you prioritize.


Close your eyes.

Imagine that you are at a gorgeous buffet table filled with a ton of small delicious plates.

You are given a tray so you can take as many plates as you want back to your table to enjoy.

And once you’re done you can always come back for more.

Going with your first gut-level answer, in your imagination, grab the plates you want on this first round.

How many did you grab?

Write down that number.

2? 6? 3?

That’s your “Magic Number!”

It is the number of items your subconscious can prioritize at once.

Any less than that and you’ll probably try and add something more to your plate or steal someone’s plate!

Any more than that and you end up picking at all the plates in an effort to finish but eat none of them entirely.

That’s it!

Easy right?

Let’s do an example.

Susie does the exercise and her number is “3 plates.”

What this could look like in her life:

  1. She picks the top 3 projects she’s going to give her energy to for the coming business quarter. She says no to any additional projects that try and pull her away from those top 3.
  2. She writes down 3 tasks at a time to tackle by the end of the day. If she gets through all of them, she can write down 3 more tasks or she can use that extra time to do something else without guilt.
  3. She schedules 3 dates for the week (if she’s single and wanting to be a relationship). She never schedules them on the same day and she makes sure that those 3 dates work around the activities that feed her soul.

Your Turn: What’s YOUR magic number? How will you use that number to streamline one area of your life? Declare it in the comments below!

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