New Video: What is your subconscious telling you? “I don’t date short guys…”


Our predominant thoughts create our reality and especially when it comes to dating!

Watch the video below to learn:

  • How Diana feels about “not dating short guys” and other interesting things we tell ourselves
  • Hear a real-life dating example of the subconscious at work
  • A simple prompt you can ask yourself to find out what YOUR subconscious thoughts run your love life!


When it comes to dating I believe that…(come up with at least 3 things).


 Ask yourself, “Do I truly believe this?”


 “Does this thought/statement feel expansive in my body?”


 “Is this thought/statement actually helping me find love or not?”


 If not, you know you’ve got some Soul excavation to do! But awareness is the first step and you did it!




After you watch: What advice would you give to woman Diana spoke to? Do you agree/disagree? What subconscious thoughts have you found that sabotage or support you when going on a date? Share in the comments below!

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Want to turn heads? Master this…

You know those women at a party or networking event that people seem to just gravitate towards? They may not be conventionally beautiful but they have that well…THING that makes you and other people, especially men, want to be near them? I call it the Glow. These women are literally glowing and being in their presence can often activate all sorts of weird insecurities you may not care to admit to yourself like:

I hate my body. I wish my boobs/butt/thighs/etc were bigger/smaller/tighter, etc. 

What does she have that I don’t?

What’s wrong with me?

Comparing ourselves to another takes a lot of emotional energy and actually repels your future partner from you because your light isn’t on. So…how do you turn your Light on? How do you turn heads?

Here’s the golden nugget: You too can turn heads. One simple thing you can do is to step out of comparison land and consider this:

“Anything you can recognize in another, you already possess in yourself.” Tweet that!


So if you notice the Glow in someone,  ask yourself immediately, “What qualities does she/he have that I’m drawn to in this moment?” Maybe it’s her open heart. Maybe it’s her confidence. Maybe it’s even her ability to hold her boundaries with others.You have those qualities too. But it’s your responsibility to activate them and bring them out. When you do, the world is your oyster and your Light’s brightness is no longer dictated by your outer circumstances or environment. And that is damn attractive!



If it’s confidence you see in that woman, ask yourself, “Where do I need to be more confident in my life? What would help me step into that confidence? Start there and pick an action.”When you do that, you are literally turned on from the inside out and if you do this consistently, you will have men or women falling all over you! 

YOUR TURN: It definitely takes practice, but I’d love to hear from you: What’s your Glow factor?

Think about someone who you admire who has the Glow factor. It could be a friend, celebrity, co-worker, etc. Got them? Okay, now ask yourself, “What is one quality that I admire about them?” Write down the first thing that comes.Then, finish this statement: I now own my __________________ (fill in the quality you wrote down about them) with love and joy! State it outloud in the mirror and notice how you feel.


What is your fabulous Glow statement? Share with us in the comments if you feel guided! You’d be surprised just by stating it and sharing it how much energy you move!



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5 signs to know if you’re settling

Have you ever dated someone that was just well, okay? Maybe they weren’t Mr or Ms Fabulous, but they weren’t really Mr or Ms A-hole either.Maybe you were with them because you were afraid of being alone.Or the sex was really great.Or your parents/friends/kids/dogs really liked them.

But deep down, you sometimes wondered, “Am I settling?”

 This happened to me recently not with a man, but an event space. But you can use these 5 signs to let you know you might be settling so you can check yourself and make a different choice if you want to.


Quick back story:

I am holding a fabulous event this May in NYC and was having trouble finding a space to hold it. I found one that on the outside looked great-it was way underpriced, the room was nice, it was near hotels and trains but when I walked into the building and through the halls, I just felt, well…less than fabulous. It wasn’t a horrible feeling and no one was mean to me or anything. But it just wasn’t ME. And being in it just didn’t allow me to show up fully as me. I knew I was settling and soon after I admitted this to myself, I found a truly 5-star fabulous space that I know I can deliver my best work in and give participants way more than they bargained for! (details on that in a few days in case you want to come to New York!!) But here is how it went down before then.



Use these 5 signs to save yourself a lot of unnecessary heartache, resources and energy!


1. Your body or breathing feels heavy, strange or unsettled.

When I first walked into the lobby of the old space, my breathing became very heavy and labored. I literally had to shut my eyes and concentrate on my breath because something well, just felt off and I couldn’t pinpoint it.

2. You catch yourself rationalizing.

This is a sure sign you’ve gone into your mind body. You may have thoughts like, “Well, he/she’s not SO bad. I can deal with XYZ (even if it’s a deal breaker). Maybe they’ll change….Maybe I’m over thinking this.”For me, I started rationalizing why it would work anyway (it was a cheap space, it was a nice room, it’s near trains, it’s available on the date you want..but my whole body just couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there). 

3. Your passion meter starts to wane.

Things that you usually feel super excited to do you’re doing half-assed, not making any time for or just well, you’re just stagnant when it comes to fulfilling your desires. Maybe you love walking in the early am and you just have found yourself checking email and not walking. And you feel guilty about it but the behavior doesn’t change. Your passion meter is going down. The energy it takes to settle can affect every area of your life, not just the area in question. Example: I put up an event page and a FB post about my event but my biz girlfriends were like…um, what’s up with you? You aren’t smiling that much. You seem super stressed out and you are not excited about something (the SPACE!) and it shows! Ouch! They were so right. I hadn’t been going to yoga because I was worried about what the space rental people would say if I told them I wasn’t going to do it there after all. 

4. You don’t want to talk about it (especially not to your close friends). Now this is different than having something come up and wanting to process it before you start spilling the beans and getting second opinions. This is about a low-level, “I don’t want to talk about it” because I want to avoid dealing with the fact that I’m not 100% happy and I don’t want you to point it out to me. You know the difference!


5. Your self-care takes a nosedive.

You may start overeating, not sleeping well and just in general, your moods tend to be all over the place or the opposite . You feel numb. ( I don’t want to tell you how many chocolate cookies I ate until I finally decided to get real with myself about what was bugging me-I needed a new venue and a new date that lit me up and where I felt so confident I could deliver my best stuff!)

Now I want to hear from YOU!

Have YOU ever felt like you were settling (in your love life or life in general?) Which of the signs did you notice? And what did you end up doing about it that helped you move forward? Please share your comments below!


ps: Want to come to NYC this May and step into your Soul’s purpose and pleasures? Stay tuned to your inboxes on Thursday! (See a sneak pic of the lobby of the fabulous venue I found below!)

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Should you share or is it TMI?

Q: I’m dating a new guy. It’s been about a month and the sex is out of this world. We have a lot of fun together and he tells me I’m beautiful. And…I am starting to freak out because I really like him and I am scared that when he finds out some things about me from my past that he’s just going to bail. I thought maybe I should just not tell him but then I don’t want to feel like I can’t be myself. What should I do?


A: Okay, this is a really great question. There comes a time in a new relationship when you may want to reveal stuff from your past but it’s scary because you’re not sure they can handle it. Here’s the deal…

In this video you will learn:

  • The one simple question you can ask yourself before you share something questionable
  • The extra step most people miss that can save you from unnecessary relationship drama
  • Why sometimes sharing can be a positive thing and how to know for sure!


After you watch, be sure to post your answer to the question below! 


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Love Question for you: Have you ever said something that was TMI? How did it affect your relationship? Or have you ever heard something TMI from someone you just started dating? Did it bring you closer or turn you off? Share you insights below!

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How to decipher the “I love you but I’m not IN love with you” line

“I love you, but I’m just not “in love” with you anymore.”


It’s the most frustrating thing to hear and let’s face it, in our head it basically translates to “OMG he doesn’t love me anymore! What’s wrong with ME?”Been there.And today I’d like to reveal the truth behind that commonly used line. First, it has nothing to do with you. This is not a ploy to make him/her the bad guy. It’s just the truth.It’s not even really about the relationship itself.(What? you may think. Diana has lost it! Stay with me…)


I’ve worked with many many singles and also couples, both happily married and not so happily married. And from all the happily married and long-term loves I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with over the years, including couple that has been together over 43 years!  the verdict is the same.

In this video you will learn:

  • the real meaning behind the “I love you but I’m not IN love with you” line
  • the one thing all happily married couples have that separates them from the unhappy ones
  • the truth behind what happens after the honeymoon phase that makes or break your relationship 

After you watch, be sure to answer the Soul Love question below!


So now you know. And now I’d love to hear from you!



Have you ever had someone say that they loved you but they weren’t “in love” with you? Have you been the one to say it? What was that like and what insights did you learn about yourself? Share your stories and tips with us! Love hearing from you!


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