Stop Worrying. Try a Worry Box!

Do you tend to worry a lot, especially when it comes to relationships?

Maybe you texted someone and they didn’t text you back.

Or you said something and you’re freaking out that it came out the wrong way.

Worrying can wreck havoc on your mindset and if you want to be magnetic to healthy connections, it’s important to keep it in check!

I love things I can do, so here is my favorite step to take to nip worry energy.


It’s called a “Worry Be Gone Box!” (I trademarked that. Just kidding!)

Materials needed:

  • your Intuition
  • Empty tissue box
  • Sharpie or marker
  • index cards, post-it notes or any scraps of blank paper to write your worries on
  • optional: choose a power color tissue box or use a marker to color it to one!

Directions: Every time you catch yourself worrying about the same thing over and over…

1. write it down on a piece of paper and2. drop it in the Box, with the intention to completely surrender the situation to Spirit, your Angels, etc.3. If you want some extra support, write a prayer, mantra or statement of intent on your box to help remind you to LET GO of control. (My box is below so you can see an example).

4. Optional: If you are sensitive to colors and want to get all crazy with your box, consider adding colors to your box to enhance the quality you are wanting to call into your space.

Purple: Spiritual Wisdom, Intuition

Green: Healing, especially emotional

Pink: Love, Compassion

Yellow: Personal Power/Healthy Boundaries

Blue: Communication, Respect

White: Clarity, Peace

That’s it!

Q: Do you have any tips that help you overcome or redirect worry? Share them with us below!

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