7 Ways to Keep it Simple During the Holidays

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to you!

We all know that while Holidays are a time of seeing family, catching up on our secret love of Christmas classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and being grateful, it’s also a time of reflection and cleansing.

There is no better time of the year than now to quiet the inner noise and take back control of your inner Sactuary by simplifying and streamlining your life.

Below are 7 ways you can keep it simple and get back into balance, so you’ll be ready to rock and roll as the New Years’ ball drops and we all enter the magical year of new beginnings, connectedness and countless synchronicities that is 2013!

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  1. Check email 1X/day
  2. Go for a 20-minute walk without your phone
  3. Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to your bath (pure) Find it at any Whole Foods.
  4. Wind down your day with a good book (ideally fiction)
  5. Sing for 3-5 minutes, even if only in the shower. (This one really works, especially if you are feeling ungrounded or feel any blocks in your throat chakra!)
  6. Give it away.

(If you are in de-clutter mode and you’re not sure, ask, “Does this ENERGIZE me?” If not, give it away or throw it away. Bonus tip: Bless it by saying a simple mantra like, “I now release all negative and unwanted energy from this item so that it may be enjoyed fully by someone else. Then you make the Goodwill run)

     7. Make a pleasure To-Do list….
Super important: This should only include activities that give you great pleasure. (Ex: eating some dark chocolate, talking to your friend, getting a massage, for ideas refer to #1-6 on here!) Then happily refer to it throughout the week, making sure you nurture yourself with at least one (or one version of it) often. The more you increase your pleasure factor, the more energy and clarity you’ll have, which if we get really big, affects your health, your sex life AND yes, your bank account. So….indulge as often and consciously as you work and watch what happens!

  Bonus: After you do #7, take a break + stop making lists! 🙂

Take Action:
1. Which tip speaks to you and why?

2. Do YOU have a self-care tip of your own that works? Share it with us here by adding a comment!

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Merry Merry Xmas and Many Angel hugs to you!



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Want to make bill-paying more fun? (And increase your energy too!) Simple tip inside!

Paying bills can be a pain in the you know what. But it doesn’t have to be. What if every single time you paid a bill or debt, you could increase your potential to earn more money and feel more energized so you have time to do what you REALLY want to do?

I learned this simple spiritual tip from my friend Maggie and if you’ve ever felt stressed-out paying a bill or feeling like you’ll never have enough love or money, try it out!

The Simple Tip: aka “The TY” factor

1. Get in a grounded, calm state.
Take a few deep breaths. Go for a walk. Stretch. Sing. This will get you in the right frame of mind to open to receive.

2. Get creative. Take out your favorite pen (personally, that’s my purple one that always reminds me of the 7th chakra which relates to Universal Consciousness but any pen you like will do!) If you’re using a crappy, broken pen, THROW IT AWAY. Holding onto it is like symbolically saying to the Universe, “this is all I’m worth.” I don’t why it works. It just does.

******3. “TY” it!

On every check that you write, at the top or in the memo somewhere:
Write in “TYS” (Thank you Spirit.)


If you are paying a bill online or you even have automatic payments set up, when you see the alert that the funds are coming out of your account, look at the account/thebill/etc and say it outloud, “Thank you Spirit!” If you want to go full-out woo-woo like I do, you may even trace the TY in front of my computer screen as I say it.

What this does: Only you and the Universe have to know what it means, but it is putting out the energy of gratitude. If you say it and write it with intention, you are energetically expressing a positive vibration to the person/company you owe payment to (as well as yourself). It says to the Universe, “He/She respects the energy of money” and you may even find that you start managing your finances in a different way than before. This affects your overall energy level and I have found that it just makes me feel happier writing bills. And when we are in a happy, joyful state, we open to receive more abundance and love in all forms.

Take Action:

1) Try this out the next time you have a bill to pay!

What do you notice about your energy level?

2) Do YOU have a tip to help you with money management or raising your energy when it comes to dealing with your finances? Post a comment!

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The First Law of Spiritual Success….are you breaking it?

As we approach 2013, you may be reviewing your life and re-evaluating what it is that you want in the New Year.

Maybe it’s to lose weight, to open your heart to a new love or to call in more money so you can go on that dream vacation.

Whatever the desire, behind it is an intention. A Spirit or distinct energetic vibration if you will.

And there are certain spiritual laws that no one (including you and I) can get around if you’re really going to call them in fully.

If you follow them, life flows a bit easier (not free of challenges, but certainly free of unnecessary obstacles). When you don’t follow them, life feels like a constant challenge. You doubt yourself. You sabotage your own manifestations and then you may think that the Universe is just taking a big long nap. (But it really is NOT. You may just need to look at yourself and see how your current choices align or misalign with the Laws).

Ready to find out?

In this video I want to share with you:

  • The First Spiritual Law (channeled from Archangel Michael) that never fails to help me and my clients boost our bottom lines more consistently when followed
  • The real reason why you may feel stuck in your business, career or your current relationship
  • How you can learn about the other six core Spiritual Laws to make 2013 lighter, brighter and more fabulous than you thought possible.

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Take Action:

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Video: What to do when your emotional buttons get pushed (The 3B’s)

In this week’s VIDEO you will:

  • Learn a powerful and simple 3 step process to catch yourself from being engulfed by emotional triggers
  • Learn a two-word Sanksrit Mantra that calms your nervous system and sends positive vibrations to the subsconscious in less than 5 seconds
  • Get to hear me sing (yes, I am so serious. Don’t worry. It’s only for a little bit!) 

Take Action (after you watch it)

1. What was YOUR body trigger spot? Throat? Tummy? Combo?

2. How did you feel when you did the Sanskrit Mantra? Post a comment!

3. Did you enjoy this video?

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